What are Genetic Disorders?

Endeavor DNA Laboratories’ professionals have spent time working with a variety of people for relationship DNA testing, and sometimes the circumstances are more peculiar than others. Though many will seek out these results for court-admissible proof for survivor benefits, custody, child support, immigration, and other grounds similar, some search for relationship validation for health concerns, such as genetic disorders.

What are genetic disorders?

To put it simply, genetic disorders are an inherited medical condition that is caused by a DNA abnormality. These diseases are often unavoidable, and can significantly impact the wellbeing of a person, even if they are considered healthy in the traditional sense. Common types of genetic disorders include Cystic fibrosis, down syndrome, sickle cell anemia Huntington’s disease, and Duchenne muscular dystrophy. With some diseases being genetic mutations that are inherited from parents and exist at birth, it can be essential to any one person’s health to have access to their biological parents’ medical records or even request further genetics DNA testing.

As research on the human genome continues to prove deeper connections to other serious health concerns, like breast cancer, genetic mutations continue to prove as the cause or in strong correlation to a person who has or is likely to have the disease.

Though there are many out there who are free of diseases even while being a carrier of a genetic mutation, there is still a chance that with the right combination, these mutations can impact the life of future children. If you have ever questioned the biological connection to your parents, confirming your relation can allow you to take the next steps to learn more about the potential genetic disorders that could prove a danger to your family.

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