Infidelity Services

Endeavor DNA offers confidential, accurate, fast, and affordable DNA infidelity testing services.

Is your client concerned their spouse may be cheating on them? Perhaps they found an article of clothing with a suspicious biological stain. DNA testing typically provides conclusive results that confirm or refute the presence of male and/or female DNA on suspicious items.

Endeavor DNA offers a 5 business day turnaround on DNA Infidelity tests with rush testing options available in most cases. Infidelity tests are typically comprised of an evidentiary sample, such as an article of clothing, and a reference sample for comparison. Endeavor DNA can test a multitude of sample types for infidelity tests.

All Endeavor DNA infidelity tests utilize stringent, validated testing procedures and include up to 23 autosomal STR loci plus the gender identification marker amelogenin in order to achieve 100% accurate results. In some cases, Y-STR testing may be recommended after initial testing is complete.

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