Endeavor DNA Will Be Closed Memorial Day

Endeavor DNA wants to give thanks to those in the Armed Forces who have given their lives for our freedom this Memorial Day weekend. For that reason, we will be closed Monday, May 29, 2017. Please take the day to enjoy time with your loved ones and remember those who have protected our country. Have […]

10 Fascinating Facts About DNA

We are fortunate enough in 2017 to be able to offer potential customers around the world the ability to complete affordable DNA testing in Texas through Endeavor DNA Laboratories. With this easy access, there are many out there that might assume DNA is an easily explained and understood science when it, in fact, is very […]

What are Genetic Disorders?

Endeavor DNA Laboratories’ professionals have spent time working with a variety of people for relationship DNA testing, and sometimes the circumstances are more peculiar than others. Though many will seek out these results for court-admissible proof for survivor benefits, custody, child support, immigration, and other grounds similar, some search for relationship validation for health concerns, […]

Arsenic Testing Can Improve Babies’ Health

Many people do not realize that of all the different DNA testing we complete in Texas, we also offer environmental testing, as well. Heavy metals and other toxins continue to be a problem in our environments as a serious health concern. Though many of these metals are necessary for sustainable life, too much can be […]

Avoiding Delays in Immigration

As anyone who has gone through or is going through the immigration process to enter the United States can attest, the road they face can be challenging. Some people have applied more than once, and others are facing these obstacles for the first time. Endeavor DNA has been helping many families reunite by utilizing DNA […]

How to Deal With Infidelity

Learning that the person you love most has been unfaithful can be tough. Facing these questions and doubts can be one of the hardest times of your life, and Endeavor DNA understands. If you’ve had infidelity DNA testing completed and have found that your partner has been disloyal to you, we suggest these steps after […]

Why Use AABB Accredited DNA Testing?

Endeavor DNA has worked with enough families who are looking for immigration DNA testing in TX to know that the only goal is to reunite with your loved ones. If you’re going through the immigration process for the first time, you might be questioning which steps are necessarily and which can be avoided. For that […]

Reasons to Complete Paternity DNA Testing

It’s not every day that a person might need DNA paternity testing, but Endeavor DNA does receive calls daily from people who are looking to have questions answers regarding their particular circumstances. If you’ve been contemplating your want or need for a DNA test, then we have a few occasions we have to offer you. […]

Paternity DNA Testing Myths

Though Endeavor DNA is just making its mark in the DNA industry, but our professionals have over 100 years combine experience in the DNA testing world. We are often approached to conduct paternity DNA testing, and find ourselves debunking some myths that have been created about the testing process. We like to keep our customers […]

Endeavor’s DNA Testing Options

Let’s face it, it isn’t every day you are in need of DNA testing. In many cases, Endeavor DNA meets new clients that never realized there were DNA tests available specifically for their needs. Because of that, we offer a wide variety of DNA testing options for you. Wondering if you might need a particular […]

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