Why Use AABB Accredited DNA Testing?

Endeavor DNA has worked with enough families who are looking for immigration DNA testing in TX to know that the only goal is to reunite with your loved ones. If you’re going through the immigration process for the first time, you might be questioning which steps are necessarily and which can be avoided. For that reason, we can think of more beneficial reasons you should use AABB accredited facilities like ours.

It’s accurate

One of the most useful parts about AABB accredited DNA testing services is that they are as accurate as they can be. By consistently checking the standards and the calibrations of machines, equipment, staff, and the overall facility, our labs are putting out the most dependable results possible.

They abide by Department of State standards

Because AABB is a quality system that is recognized across the world as a leader in standard, using facilities that have this accreditation satisfies many of the requirements and criteria that are set by the government. If your concern for DNA testing is to meet all the needs established by the Department of State, then AABB accredited services are your best option.

It can streamline your application process

Though you can become a citizen of the United States with no other evidence of relation than a DNA test, having one completed only helps your chances of being reunited with your family. Having a facility that can conduct an unbiased, third-party test for you could bring you one step closer to bringing your family back together.

Luckily, Endeavor DNA is an AABB accredited immigration DNA testing facility in El Paso that is reliable and accepts a variety of payment methods. If you have more questions about our DNA testing and how it can help you, please contact our experts today by calling us at (888) 432-3855.

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