DNA Testing: Are They Cheating?

Finding the right one can be a tasking journey. After who knows how many bad dates, missed opportunities, and people who chew too loudly, you finally find the person for you. Being with them is fun and romantic. Being with the one you love just makes a person feel warm and giddy inside. Until you don’t feel that anymore. Sometimes it’s in the body language, or maybe in the eyes. They just aren’t looking at you the same anymore and you get worried. As that worry grows, you wonder if they’re cheating. There is a way to skip the worry and have the answers you need. See if your loved one is cheating on you with DNA testing by Endeavor DNA.



Endeavor DNA’s Infidelity Testing Services allow you to detect DNA that may be leftover from a suspected rendezvous. By rubbing a swap to the inside of your lover’s cheek for 20-30 seconds you can have the answers you’re looking for. Mail the swab into Endeavor DNA in your average envelope with the name of the individual providing the sample and collection date. Infidelity testing will look for semen, saliva, and other DNA so you know for sure if your loved one is cheating.


Infidelity Services

The DNA samples go through comparison testing as well. The samples provided are compared to your own DNA. This ensures that the results are accurate and allows you to know it wasn’t just your DNA they found in your significant other’s mouth. Autosomal DNA Comparison and Y-STR DNA Comparisons are available options. Autosomal DNA testing is merely genetic genealogy testing, and Y-STR DNA testing is testing the Y-chromosome and is often used in forensics.


All laboratory results from Endeavor DNA are court admissible. You will know for sure if your significant other was faithful to you. This will give you peace of mind and let you know if your relationship is real.


Once you find the right one, you’re as good as gold. However, if you aren’t sure they’re the right one and suspect they may be cheating, don’t waste time. For more information or a collection kit, contact Endeavor DNA at 888-432-3855 or visit them online.


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