Twin Zygosity DNA Test

Endeavor DNA offers confidential, accurate, fast, and affordable twin zygosity testing services.

This DNA test definitively determines whether twins are identical or fraternal.

When twins are born, pathological examination of the placenta can be performed to determine zygosity. However, studies have shown that this method is not 100% accurate. Scientists recommend DNA testing to accurately determine zygosity.

Identical twins come from one fertilized egg, called a zygote. The zygote, which usually develops into one child, grows and splits early in development to form two embryos – Identical twins. Because the twins come from one egg and one sperm, they have exactly the same DNA

Fraternal twins, on the other hand, develop when there are two different eggs in the mother’s womb that are fertilized by two different sperms. Fraternal twins will not have exactly the same DNA.

Endeavor DNA offers a 2 business day turnaround on twin zygosity tests utilizing either buccal swabs or specimen collection cards (WhatmanTM FTA® or WhatmanTM903) with rush testing options available. Endeavor DNA can also test a multitude of other sample types, but longer turnaround times may apply.

All Endeavor DNA avuncular tests utilize stringent, validated testing procedures and include up to 22 STR loci plus the gender identification marker amelogenin in order to achieve 100% accurate results.

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