Single Profile DNA Test

Endeavor DNA offers confidential, accurate, fast, and affordable DNA profiling services.

A person’s DNA profile is a permanent means of individual identification. Genetic identity remains constant unlike a name that may be shared or a social security number that can be stolen. For those that wish to obtain a record of their unique DNA profile out of curiosity or perhaps for comparison against someone else in a future relationship test, Endeavor DNA offers a single profile analysis designed to meet both CODIS and European DNA profiling standards.

Endeavor DNA offers a 2 business day turnaround on DNA profiling tests utilizing either buccal swabs or specimen collection cards (WhatmanTM FTA® or WhatmanTM903) with rush testing options available. Endeavor DNA can also test a multitude of other sample types, but longer turnaround times may apply.

All Endeavor DNA single profile tests utilize stringent, validated testing procedures and include up to 23 STR loci plus the gender identification marker amelogenin in order to achieve 100% accurate results.

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