Aunt & Uncle DNA Test

Endeavor DNA offers confidential, accurate, fast, and affordable avuncular testing services.

Avuncular tests calculate the likelihood of relatedness between a child and an aunt or uncle.

Because a child inherits exactly half of its genes from its biological father, and because the biological father shares (on average) half of his genes in common with his full sibling, the child will share (on average) half of its paternal genes in common with the full sibling of the biological father. Based upon the number of genetic matches, the laboratory calculates the statistical likelihood that the alleged aunt/uncle is biologically related to the child versus being unrelated.

It is important to understand that it may not always be possible to achieve a conclusive result. Even though they may have the same parents, a full sibling of the alleged father is not genetically identical to the alleged father and may have inherited numerous genetic markers that the alleged father did not.

On the average, testing an alleged father’s full sibling allows us to determine only half of his genes.  To increase the certainty of the results, testing the mother of the child is strongly recommended, as this allows us to identify genetic markers of the child that were inherited maternally and to eliminate them from consideration as possible paternal markers.

Endeavor DNA offers a 2 business day turnaround on avuncular tests utilizing either buccal swabs or specimen collection cards (WhatmanTM FTA® or WhatmanTM 903) with rush testing options available. Endeavor DNA can also test a multitude of other sample types, but longer turnaround times may apply.

All Endeavor DNA avuncular tests utilize stringent, validated testing procedures and include up to 22 STR loci plus the gender identification marker amelogenin in order to achieve 100% accurate results.

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