Legal Single Profile DNA Test

Not sure if you need an AABB-accredited court admissible test? Our expert case managers are here to assist you through the entire testing process.

Because court admissible testing requires strict sample collection procedures and stringent documentation requirements, Endeavor DNA Laboratories maintains a network of approved sample collection sites across the United States. Our expert case managers will work with you to schedule a sample collection in your area at a time convenient for you.

A person’s DNA profile is a permanent means of individual identification. Genetic identity remains constant unlike a name that may be shared or a social security number that can be stolen. For those that wish to obtain a record of their unique DNA profile out of curiosity or perhaps for comparison against someone else in a future relationship test, Endeavor DNA offers a single profile analysis designed to meet both CODIS and European DNA profiling standards.

Once we receive your samples, your AABB-accredited court-admissible test results will be completed in as little 5 business days. Rush testing options are available.

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