Worried about Your Relationship?

Every relationship has its problems, and sometimes those problems include infidelity. If you suspect that your partner might be cheating on you, the suspicion can grow and become its own problem. Settle your mind by confronting your doubt.

Don’t let your suspicions fester in your mind. Worrying and doubting will make the problem seem much worse than reality might be. You might find yourself rushing to accuse your partner of infidelity, as you’ve convinced yourself that it exists. This is a bad idea—if there weren’t a real problem in your relationship before, this would create one.

Have a conversation with your partner. Communication can solve most relationship problems. An honest discussion can clear the air and set things right for you and your partner. Use “I” statements, such as, “I feel that X,” or, “I think that X,” to avoid speaking for your partner.

However, conversation doesn’t solve every issue. If you feel your partner is cheating, as the conversation did not go well or the doubt is still in your mind, then there is a more surefire way to know if infidelity is occurring. A DNA test can prove if there is saliva or semen present on items of clothing, and whose it is. If your partner is cheating, then you’ll have evidence. The situation can also go the other way, and you’ll be absolutely certain there is no infidelity. The suspicious stain on your partner’s collar could have come from you, or be an old stain. You’ll feel better knowing that nothing was happening.

If infidelity is discovered, what should you do next? Call a lawyer or a marriage counselor. Is this something you can look past, or do you want to call it quits? At this point, you need professionals involved. If you need to divorce your partner, then you can use the DNA results as evidence for any legal hearings.

Don’t let yourself worry. Call Endeavour DNA and make sure you know what’s happening in your relationship.

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