Who Needs Immigration DNA Testing?

Many come to Endeavor DNA Laboratories looking for immigration DNA testing services near El Paso, and our experts have met with individuals from all walks of life. Because of these unique cases and extenuating circumstances, we have gathered many of the reasons someone might need AABB accredited DNA testing and who should use immigration DNA testing services to complete their immigration application.

People with lacking physical evidence of relation

One way to avoid DNA testing for immigration purposes is with evidence that proves relation. Such proof can be in the form of documents, pictures, and other items similar. This proof can be enough for visa applications, but when evidence is lacking, DNA testing is a great option.

More distance relatives are trying to reunite with family

When trying to prove avuncular relation (aunt/uncle) or grandparentage, documented evidence can be severely lacking or are not considered to be enough. The further we move away from direct relation, the grayer areas there are to prevent your visa from occurring.

Anyone looking to speed up their application process

Even after presenting all of your documented evidence for relation, you can still be denied a US visa. One way to avoid delays in the immigration process is to cover all your bases, and the best way to do that is with DNA testing. It is quick, accurate, and provides government officials with all the evidence necessary to prove your relation.

Endeavor DNA Laboratories might be a new company in the industry, but our team couldn’t be more practiced. With over 100 years combined of DNA testing experience in El Paso, TX, our professionals could be the answer you need to help bring your family together again on US soil.

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