Misconceptions About Immigration Visas

As a premier immigration DNA testing facility in TX, the experienced team at Endeavor DNA has heard all of the biggest misconceptions about the immigration process over the years. With so much misinformation out there, we want to help clarify some of the most common myths we hear and why they are simply not true.

Myth 1: Permanent residency and citizenship are the same

Though they sound similar, these are two entirely different processes in US immigration. Permanent residency allows for an immigrant to live within the US but does not grant the same rights as citizenship, such as voting. Permanent residents must reside in the US majority of the time while a citizen does not have to live in the country often or if at all if they so choose. Permanent residency can be the pathway to citizenship for those who use it.

Myth 2: Getting a visa into the United States is easier than it should be

Many natural-born US citizens might believe this misconception, but it is simply not the case. The application process is complicated, and a few small, commonly made mistakes can cost someone the chance at a visa, prohibiting them from entering the country.

Myth 3: Visa applications are made difficult to confuse applicants on purpose

Though it is true the visa process can be hard to understand; there are many resources out there that exist to help streamline the process and make your application easier than before. For example, some DNA testing companies will offer case management services to ensure proper collection of samples and keep track of your application.

Myth 4: Having connections to the US Embassy will streamline your petition

One of the best qualities of the United States is that we are an equal-opportunity country. Visas are not determined by your connections, but by your qualifications. Knowing someone in your local Embassy does not guarantee entrance into the United States. However, proper documentation and procedures can.

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