How to Collect DNA for a Home Kit

There are so many reasons to complete DNA testing. From immigration to infidelity, Endeavor has helped TX residents and people around the country complete, accurate DNA testing for both at-home and court-admissible purposes. Home DNA testing kits have never been more accessible, but it’s understandable to feel some hesitation towards completing one. Here’s a quick how-to for successfully collecting a DNA sample:

1) Understand what at-home tests versus court-admissible means

Though at-home tests are incredibly convenient, they do not work in a legal setting. If you require DNA testing of any kind for legal reasons, you will need to submit to court-admissible DNA testing which includes sample collection from an unbiased third party

2) Purchase a kit that pertains to your specific needs

There are many types of DNA tests out there which will require samples from different individuals, so be sure you are purchasing the correct one. Do your research and speak to professionals to ensure the test you buy will provide the results you’re looking for.

3) Pick the appropriate sample

Collection instructions are precise, so ensure the samples you take can be utilized by checking the instructions. Often, DNA tests require a cheek swab or saliva samples. Hair samples might also be used depending on the kit purchased.

4) Be as sterile as possible

It’s important to wash your hands, wear gloves, use sterile tools, and never place your sample on a contaminated surface. All of these variables can impact the integrity of your sample and, in turn, your results.

5) Follow instructions for a buccal (cheek) swab

Be sure the individual being swabbed does not put anything in their mouth that isn’t water up to an hour before their test. Scrape the inside of your cheek with the provided cotton swab for 30-60 seconds. Once the collection is complete, do not to let the end of the swab touch any other surface before being stored in the dry clean container provided in your kit.

6) Read the shipping instructions for your kit

Your testing facility will provide you with directions to accurately ship your kits back to their laboratories. Following their instructions will ensure your test is received and processed as efficiently as possible.

It’s important to remember that DNA testing kits can vary from company to company and depend on what kind of DNA testing is being completed. Thoroughly read all instructions before getting started.

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