Avoiding Delays in Immigration

As anyone who has gone through or is going through the immigration process to enter the United States can attest, the road they face can be challenging. Some people have applied more than once, and others are facing these obstacles for the first time. Endeavor DNA has been helping many families reunite by utilizing DNA tests for immigration, and one question we encounter is, “Why are there so many delays?” Though we cannot promise that your case will not have delays, we have a few suggestions to help avoid it.

Ensure you’re filling out the appropriate visa

Did you know that on top of choosing between a nonimmigrant and immigrant visa, there are over a dozen categories for both types? If possible, work with a legal professional or case manager to ensure you’re filling out the right application and help clarify the different documents and evidence you might need to have your paperwork processed correctly.

Strictly follow and keep up with the deadlines

According to the American Immigration Council, nearly all visa categories allow a certain number of immigrants into the United States per year. That said, deadlines must be held to high standards. Not only does following regulations ensure that the country can make its quota, but it also gives the opportunity to weed out those who are ill prepared.

Find a lab with the right accreditation

One of the many parts of an immigrant application for families is to prove the biological connection between those who are already located in the US and those who are not. Though documentation is accepted, the best way to show your relation is through AABB accredited DNA testing that meets the requirements by the US Embassy or Consulate. Working with a lab that has these accreditations can help streamline your application process.

If you’re searching for solutions for your immigration delays, Endeavor DNA might be your answer. Our DNA testing facility in Texas is AABB accredited and meets the requirements of the USCIS, INS, the Department of Homeland Security, as well as any requirements set for by the US Embassy or Consulate processing the application.

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