Arsenic Testing Can Improve Babies’ Health

Many people do not realize that of all the different DNA testing we complete in Texas, we also offer environmental testing, as well. Heavy metals and other toxins continue to be a problem in our environments as a serious health concern. Though many of these metals are necessary for sustainable life, too much can be extremely harmful to the body and should be avoided.

There are many stories about arsenic poison and how others have used this natural chemical to poison others by placing it in food, but it can also be found in our water and prevent possible health complications for all, including unborn babies. In November of 2015, a study was published in Environmental Health Perspectives linking respiratory complications for babies exposed to arsenic while in the womb.

A year-long study conducted on over 400 pregnant women with private wells, which have often found to contain arsenic, followed these newborns infections and respiratory system complications according to surveys completed by their mothers. Each child was gauged by how often they were sick and the severity of their sickness.

Through this study, a connection between babies exposed to higher levels of arsenic in the womb was more likely to develop certain kinds of infections and might, in turn, increase a child’s likelihood of developing further respiratory conditions or allergic diseases.

Being aware of the dangers the environment can subtly place on our family is the first step to prevention. The second step is by contacting Endeavor DNA Laboratories. Our laboratories are accredited, accurate, and affordable. From soil and water to cremated remains, our results are ready in as little as five business days.

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